A Better Path Forward

Challenging decisions being made today will impact the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren. We need competent leaders who are committed to a sustainable future as we face challenging decisions in years ahead. That will require a change in the attitude of government-as-usual, and that is why I am running for office.


My heartfelt sympathy to the family of George Floyd, the Black community and our entire region. There are no words to explain the depth of injustice in this horrendous killing. We are again grieving for the life of an unarmed man snuffed out by a culture of racism. Many are asking, when will this end. How can we bring change to the criminal justice system. While I don’t have all the answers, this does get back to the core of my campaign – to bring the public voice back to the legislature.

Currently, the public’s voice is being stifled. Decisions are made behind closed doors, public hearings are not happening, the essential needs of Minnesotan’s are secondary to special interests. We need government as usual to change. We need to resurrect a representative democracy by bringing back a meaningful open public process. We need to debate controversial issues with all the voices at the table in full light of day. That is not happening – and until this changes criminal justice will continue to be unequitable, our environment will continue to be degraded by corporate interests, our healthcare system will continue to disregard far too many, our education system will fail those many in our underrepresented communities. Until we elect representatives who will fight for increased transparency and a meaningful public process – our voices will continue to be stifled and that can no longer be tolerated.

I am committed to fighting for a meaningful open public process. This is a change we need for the health and well-being of all, and especially for our underserved communities.

My Priority for District 51B

Wilderness In The City, Holly w/Steger Nov. 2018
with Will Steger, Nov. 2018

When I think about running for office, I think about quality of life and the health and well-being of all, especially children of all backgrounds. They are our future and our future depends on their success. We must provide them a better path forward with opportunities for a successful future. That is my priority.Quality education, living wage jobs, affordable housing, access to quality health care, clean water, and a healthy environment – this is about quality of life for all and decisions made today must result in reduced – not increased – disparities.


The next generation represents our future. We all share responsibility for inciting excitement, optimism, and a sense of agency in all of our citizens including these young people. To do this we must address some of the most pressing issues that will impact this future.

  • Our healthcare system prides itself on taking care of the well to do while leaving out the poor, the elderly, and those with underlying conditions.
  • Our public education system is at risk and the opportunities for equitable education are in peril.
  • Our job security is low and unemployment is rising in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Our food system is unsustainable and degrades our environment.
  • Our climate is changing while many still deny facts of this very real crisis and refuse to take action.
  • Our representative government caters to special interests more often than it does to the needs of Minnesotans.

My vision is to create a better path forward that provides opportunities for a successful and sustainable future for all — all zip codes, all colors and abilities, all ages and religious backgrounds, all sexual orientations. This is for our future.

  • Transition to a health care plan for everyone regardless of ability to pay or preexisting medical conditions.
  • We must provide for high quality, equitable K-12 education and a lowered cost for higher education – Investments in education are an investment in our future.
  • Creating a green economy will result in improved well-being and social equity while significantly reducing environmental degradation.
  • Focus on fossil fuel-free MN by 2050 and creating a clean energy economy that puts Minnesotans back to work.
  • Create a sustainable food system that will fuel a healthy economy, healthy people, and a healthy planet.
  • Restore a representative government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Creating a Better Path Forward

I am committed to making lasting progress toward our DFL values with a sustainable future for the health and well-being of all.

When the DFL holds the majority in both the House and Senate and the Governor’s office we can make significant progress toward our goals. However, without full DFL majority, gridlock is guaranteed and progress either stops or is reversed. This hyper-partisanship we are witnessing in St. Paul serves as a barrier to lasting change. Every year this continues leads us further threatens our future.

To make lasting progress toward our DFL values for the long-term, not just for an election cycle, we need to change “government as usual”. We must resurrect a healthy democracy and bring the public voice to the forefront.

Resurrect a Healthy Democracy

  • Increased transparency will aid in breaking down the hyper-partisanship in St. Paul which is crucial for meaningful and open public debate on controversial issues.
  • Campaign finance reform is necessary to limit the influence of dark money that leads to the prioritization of special interests ahead of everyday Minnesotans.
  • An essential element of a healthy democracy is the right to vote. Actions must be taken to assure fair, safe, and accessible voting opportunities for all citizens.

Bring back Meaningful and Open Public Hearings

  • We often hear “The chair will not give my bill a hearing because I am in the minority party” and what that means is “The public’s voice is being stifled on this important issue.”
  • Public hearings bring all voices and perspectives to the table in an open and transparent manner. When a public hearing is not allowed it essentially stifles the public’s voice on issues of greatest importance, and that can no longer be tolerated.
  • We must change the process to break down the increasing power of a few party leaders in determining which bills get hearings. One example would be to establish a system that allows an equal number of bills to be heard in committees from both sides of the aisle.

I will represent all residents, and always
with an eye to the future

Our society and our future is stronger when we are united than when we are apart. As Paul Wellstone so aptly stated “we all do better when we all do better.”

  • To reduce and eliminate disparities and racism in our society, we need all voices to be represented when decisions of greatest importance are being made
  • We must embrace programs and policies that educate and inform our representatives in St. Paul and the general public to gain ground and validate, not marginalize, those who are different from oneself.
  • Our decision-making process must always include an equity lens and a measure of sustainability to create a successful, better path forward for the health and well-being of all.

I will look to new ways to achieve progress on our values.

Mental health

Mental health care is often viewed as something to seek when we need help. The irony is that when people are asked if they need help, most will say “no” that they are fine and mental health goes unchecked.

  • Mental health and physical health are interconnected and left unchecked, stress, depression, anxiety or other mental health issues can create physical health problems.
  • Instead, we should recommend mental health well check visits in the same regard as other well check visits to our physician, our dentist, dermatologist, optometrist, etc. This would build a relationship with a mental health provider and over time bring greater resiliency in the face of or even prevent a mental health crisis.

Water Quality and Environment

In light of our degrading water quality and additional environmental concerns, we must review and consider revising the role of the DNR, MPCA, and other conservation arms of the administration to assure the health and well-being of all Minnesotans is prioritized ahead of profiting from our crucial natural resources.

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About Me
I have been a resident of district 51B in Eagan for 20 years. My husband and I choose this community to raise our family, and I have been actively engaged ever since. We have been delighted to be part of school district 196 with both of our children attending Northview Elementary, Dakota Hills Middle School, and Eagan High School, and we enjoy Eagan’s abundance of recreation amenities and green spaces which are valuable assets in our community.    MoreOur daughter just finished her sophomore year at Iowa State, our son is finishing his senior year at Eagan High School, and our dog, Goldie, is most delighted to have us all together, sheltering at home.
I have an MBA in Finance from the UofM’s Carlson School of Management and worked for several years at Piper Jaffray before transitioning to non-profit work. For the past seven years I have been engaged with government at the county, regional, and state level. I established an environmental nonprofit, Wilderness in the City, in 2013, and also serve as an active Board member for the Friends of the Boundary Waters. I am an active member with the League of Women Voters and a guest host on a longstanding community television program, Access to Democracy.

Endorsements Received

Dear Delegates and Supporters:   I am excited to announce that my MN House 51B candidacy secured two valuable endorsements reflective of my commitment to ensuring a healthy environment for all, and a sustainable future for our state. 

On Saturday, the DFL Environmental Caucus informed me of their endorsement of my candidacy. They state that in the MN House 51B race, I was the candidate who best reflected the DFL Environmental Caucus’ values. I am honored and humbled to have received their endorsement and I am committed to continuing to be an advocate for clean air and water and a healthy climate. 

Along with the endorsement of the DFL Environmental Caucus, I am pleased to announce the endorsement of my candidacy by former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson. As many of you know and remember, Gov. Carlson served our state between 1991 and 1999. Since then, he has been a strong advocate for good governance and environmental protection. I am honored to have his support. He graciously wrote this letter

Maryann Passe, Wilderness in the City Board Member   view

Lizzy Sabel, Eagan High School, class of 2018   view

Paul Mandell, Former Director for SD52 DFL   view

Alan Miller, Host, Access to Democracy   view

Theresa Eisele, PACE Chairperson   view

Barry Graham, Member of Dakota County Planning Commission   view

Adina Lebowitz, SD51B Resident   view

Sharon Schmidt, Health Policy Advocates   view

Mike Fedde, SD51B Resident   view

Dale Ford, SD51B Delegate   view

Interviews on Access to Democracy Show

Recently, Holly Jenkins was a guest on Access to Democracy show (via Zoom) on Friday 5-8-2020.  Watch the interview here

In her role of Guest Host on Access to Democracy [website], Holly and former Governor Arne Carlson conducted an interview on 10-11-2019 (full).

Thank you!
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